Upon taking office in 2014, Mayor Ras J. Baraka appointed Moten executive director of the newly created Mayor’s Office of Arts, Cultural Development an Tourism with a wide-reaching mission to stimulate development in these three key areas. The office has been instrumental in the creation of new programs such as Bring the Art to the Park and Blues People Festival International; and continuing education programs including community choral education sessions with The Voices of Newark Choir, Historically Black Colleges and Universities Choir Concert, and the Youth Who Uplift recognition program.

Honored as a living legend in the City of Newark, Moten is the developer and producer of the Newark SingFest where multi-cultural gatherings take place for children and adults to discover, sing, and acknowledge the histories of numerous ethnic cultures. She also serves as City Commissioner on the Newark Landmark and Historic Preservation Commission.

As accomplished producer, conductor, music copyist and transcriber, Moten said, “It is my mission to make sure that there is a linkage between the Mayor’s office and the community in the areas under my portfolio. I do so by moving with a positive attitude and sharing my gifts.”  She continues, “Ultimately that’s my goal, to enlighten, and give hope to the world simply by sharing my life experiences.”  g


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To provide a place and activity 
that will  cultivate a healthy respect for
Community, diversity and history of 
Newark through song.

Newark SingFest is building towards providing a place and an activity that will…

bring together ethnic and cultural groups, individuals, families ( of varies backgrounds) and all involved by association in activity of singing and its significance in enhancing the unification of mind, spirit, and body through music in the city of Newark.

Develop a repository and a means of disbursement of materials derived from and developed through the activities of the program. This historiography becomes invaluable in sustaining and continuing the tradition of the Newark community.

Invite all smaller Community Sings to join together to participate in the the multi-cultural Newark SingFest

Community … Comes Together in Song

All rights reserved to Theatre World Music Service -2017-2018

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